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Suggested Reading

Own voices books are written with diverse characters by diverse authors who use inspiration from their own lives to add to the authenticity of their story. Explore t ...
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Anthologies Booklist

Want to read a book with some variety? These anthologies have several stories by different authors all around a central theme. Read about fairy tale villains, strong ...
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Award Winners

You may have heard of many of these books, and for good reason! They have won awards in the past year and popular everywhere.See what all the hype is about! Rea ...
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Crystallized into Nonfiction

[No description provided]


Take a look at these books about dance and dancers! Read three books from a Summer Reading booklist like this one to complete the Booklist mission and earn a prize. 

Fantasy Booklist

Escape the real world with some fantasy!Read one book on this list to earn a badge.

Favorite Authors

Summer is always a great time for these favorite authors.

Get Graphic!

Are you a comics fan, or curious about trying one? Here are some summer reads in comic format, including stories with a music or "rock" theme and other rec ...
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Granite Into a Good Book: Literary Fiction

[No description provided]

Graphic Novels Booklist

Are graphic novels your thing?Read one book on this list to earn a badge!

Horror Booklist

Don't plan on sleeping after you read these super spooky horror books!Read one book on the list to earn a badge.

I'm with the Band (or Choir!)

Ever dreamt of being in a band or singing with a choir? Check out this variety of true and fictional stories and guides for writing music or starting your own band! ...
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It's Intrumental

Learn about musical instruments, including how to make your own. Read three books from a Summer Reading booklist like this one to complete the Booklist mission and earn a prize! 

Launching Into Space: Science Fiction

[No description provided]

Let's Talk

Explore words, ask questions, & talk about the story.

Mental Health Matters Booklist

Mental health is SO important. Read about some characters who struggle with theirs to see what it is like or feel less alone.Read one book on the list to earn a badge.

Music Influencers

Love all things music? Always looking to learn something new? This list of non-fiction biographies, autobiographies, memoirs, and histories will expand your kno ...
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Music Moves Me

Enjoy these picture books all about music and songs!

Music Through the Ages

Music has been a part of our history for thousands of years. As the world evolves, so does the style and sound of music. These books cover a small sampling  ...
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Newbery Honor Books

We know Newbery Award winners are great books, but Newbery Honor books can be gems, too! Read three books from a Summer Reading booklist like this one to complete th ...
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Quick Reads Booklist

Are you intimidated by large books? These bite sized treats can be read in one sitting.Read one book on the list to earn 25 points.

Real Rocks

Real stories about real rocks!

Rhythm and Rhyme

Listen for rhythms & rhymes together.

Rock my World! Romance

[No description provided]

Rock n Roll

Great picture books that encourage play.

Rock N'Read

[No description provided]

Rockin' Reading

Books and music have a lot in common. You can find a story and song for every occasion, covering every range of emotion. Books and music alike can express the j ...
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Rocks & Minerals

Learn more about rocks, minerals, and geology. Read three books from a Summer Reading booklist like this one to complete the Booklist mission and earn a prize!  

Rolling into Epic Fantasy

Read of the classics or the all-time best Fantasy

Scale Back Time: Historical Fiction

[No description provided]

Shake, Shimmy, and Read

Get your toes tapping with these books!  

Summer Reads

Enjoy these great reads for summer break! This list includes a range of fun books for Elementary aged kids. Titles are listed roughly from lowest ...
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Try This!

These fun books feature writing, an important pre-literacy skill.

Wearing Cement Shoes: Murder/Mystery

[No description provided]

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