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Reading Lists

These books are packed full on nonstop thrills and excitement!All books on the list are available for digital download on Hoopla

Be Kind, Silly!

Part of our program this summer focuses on kindness. Enjoy these books about kindness and social emotional learning (SEL), and give it a try--kindness is magical!


These stories have stayed popular and loved over generations. They are still read today for good reason! See for yourself with these timeless classics.All titles are ...
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Coming of Age

Grow with these characters as they experience the complexities of life, find out more about who they are, and grow into themselves.All of these books are available for digital download on Hoopla


What would society look like if the world was falling apart? We all like to think of the best case, but what about the worst case? Explore the what ifs with these en ...
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Fabulous Fairytales: Traditional or Twisted

Here you'll find the magic of traditional fairytales and retellings or fractured versions of those tales to keep you entertained all summer long!


"Being a geek is all about being honest about what you enjoy and not being afraid to demonstrate that affection. It means never having to play it cool about how much ...
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When you could use an escape, go to these completely different worlds!All books included are available for digital download on Hoopla

Fantasy Book Club

Check out some of the books we will be discussing in our Virtual Fantasy Book Discussion Group, as well as suggestions from our librarians!


We could all use a good laugh right now. These books have light and dark humor and a guaranteed to give you a good chuckle!All titles are available for digital download on Hoopla

Graphic Novels

Super heroes, sports, assasains, manga, and more! We have tons of graphic novels. Find a great recommendation for one here.


Join some thieves and misfits as they use clever plots to execute high-stakes robberies.

Historical Fiction

Travel through time with these historic reads and see how life was in a different time period.


Craving some terror? Looking for a thrill? Want to read what is behind those bumps in the night? Fuel your imagination with these horrifying stories!

It's Mythological!

Enjoy some traditional stories of mythology and some new tales inspired by them by reading one or more books from this list.


These books feature characters who identify as LGBTQ+. Show your pride with some great stories!All books are available for digital download on Hoopla


For those of you who don't like fantasy adventures, here is a good list of non-fiction books to coincide with our summer theme.

Novels in Verse

If you prefer poetry mixed with your stories, these books are for you. They are lyrically written to express emotion beautifully with the story they tell.

Read Then Watch

Prepare yourself to be disappointed in all of the details the movie left out! The book is always better. You could trust us, or you could find out for yourself.


Read your favorites with a twist. These stories include classics, mythology, stories from around the world and fairy tales. Whether you like fantasy, historical or c ...
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Romantic Comedies

Do you love to have a laugh with your romance? Maybe a trope thrown in? Look no further! These books will give you warm fuzzies and a chuckle.


Get a glimpse into a future where technology has evolved.All books are available for digital download on Hoopla

Social Themes

These books tackle important and tough topics. They are issues that face the world today and are portrayed in a way that helps you understand what it is like to be i ...
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If sports are your passion, it may be tricky to find books that appeal to you. Look no further! These books include hockey, football, skating, baseball and more!All ...
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Do you ever just need a good cry? We get it! Make sure to read these books with a box of tissues and let it all out.

Unicorns, Dragons, Big Foot, Oh My!

Learn about mythical creatures or read a story featuring these fascinating beasts with the books in this list!

Believe in the Impossible

Take a trip to lands of incredible creatures and never-ending adventures. These books will take you to faraway places and beyond! Imagine Your Story and believe in the impossible.

Life's an Adventure

Books have been transporting people to other places and times for hundreds of years. There's something about stories that continue to captivate us. Imagine Your Story through this adventurous list.

Imagination Train

Fairytales and fantasy books aren't just for kids. Are you looking to discover new worlds and exciting characters to fall in love with? Check out these books and Imagine Your Story.

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